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Memorial Ash Bead Orders

Keep your loved ones close to you.  I can custom design and handmake lampwork glass jewellery containing a very small amount of cremation ash of your loved one or favourite pet.  
Book an appointment to use my 30 years of experience to discuss a unique and high quality design that reflects your wishes.  A range of jewellery involving glass beads of various sizes and colours are available.  Beads can also have various inclusions (known as murrini).  Quality chains can also be included in the order.
The consultation for the design of the bead is free and there is no obligation to proceed after the consultation nor any cost if you do not proceed.  All beads will be annealed and set for wearing or display.    Discounts available if you have undertaken one of my courses.  

Book an appointment

Complete the form below or call me on 0424 297 618 for a free, no-obligation consultation.  Please indicate your preferred mode of consultation.

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