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My Kimono Fabric Range

My latest collection of earrings and bracelets derives from my interest in and experience with Japanese culture.

In my early years I spent six months touring Japan. As I didn't have much money I stayed mostly in small towns and villages where I found people were eager to share their culture. I left with an endearing passion for the patterns and colours of kimonos but also the way the Japanese combine the two. This interest has remained and I decided to translate these experiences into a new range of jewellery. Kimono Fabric seemed an obvious name for the range.

A kimono is a silk gown, typically consisting of at least one inner garment and one outer silk layer, with other accessories used for decoration and to hold the gown together.

There is a less formal gown that looks similar, which is called a yukata. This has one layer that may be either printed silk or cotton, and is traditionally worn in the summer.

I like to use Indigo, which is the colour of Japanese royalty. Originally Indigo could only be used by royalty and was prohibitively expensive for common people but that has now changed.

I call this the beads above Acid Yellow but I am still seeking appropriate names for each of the colour variants (there are ten in total).