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May 2023

Three Things You Didn't Know About Enameling

The enamel powders that are added to blanks are powderized glass. The application of intense heat to the powder brings out the colours.

Cloisonne (shown below) is a technique of applying enamel to partitions on the blank that is defined by wire strips. Though the term is French the style did not originate in France.

The origins of enameling are unknown, but the technique is likely to be at least 3000 years old and was often used to decorate fine jewellery for the upper classes. I believe that it is a magical process.

You can see my selection of enamel earrings here.

My Love Affair With Murano Glass

Glassmaking in Venice dates to the Roman Empire. Venice became a prominent glass-manufacturing centre as early as 800 AD. A 13th century law required that all furnaces used for glassmaking move from Venice to the small island of Murano where they have remained. Murano is now recognised as the glassmaking capital of the world and it is from there that I source all my glass.

in the 1980s I took a package tour to Italy because it included a visit to Venice. I travelled to Murano and. introduced myself to the owner of a small glass factory and I was invited to stay in the factory and observe the work. Though neither of us spoke the other's language, for six days I was immersed in learning more about the principles and chemistry of glass. It was a priceless experience. I never rejoined the tour but stayed in Murano for six months and only left because the money ran out.

Updates and Upcoming Markets

Congratulations to Robyn, Brenda and Kerry who won a pair of my butterfly earrings. One winner did not check their messages so that prize will be used in a later competition.

You will be able to find me at Burdekin Craft Spectacular in Home Hill on 13 May, Renegade Handmade in Townsville City on 14 May, Yungaburra Markets on 27 May and Tanks Art Centre Markets in Cairns on 28 May.



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