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June 2023

My Wonderful Visit to Monet's Garden

Many years ago, I visited France and made a trip to the house and garden of Claude Monet, the first Impressionist painter. Nowadays, the demand for visits is such that you only get a limited time to view the house and gardens but I was lucky enough to get a full morning to wander around.

Our group was booked to do a wine tasting tour the next day, but I enjoyed myself to such an extent that I returned to the garden the next day. And I especially liked to see his studio where he created so many of his great works.

A few years ago I set out to pay tribute to Monet's work with a special focus on reproducing the misty look that he used in so many of his pieces. I have now produced earrings, bracelets and pendants in both blue and purple.

Returning to My Roots

I started my jewellery making journey as a silversmith and goldsmith. When completing my training I needed to make some celebration pieces and produced these fish. I have come back to these pieces as shoulder injuries have restricted what I can do while recuperating.

They are constructed using sterling silver and copper and a mixture of sterling silver, copper and brass. I was attracted to these materials as I have several wonderful pieces containing those metals that my grandparents brought back from a pilgrimage to the Middle East.

Each of the fish features a genuine gemstone Cabochon garnet for the eye. The fish are in the form of brooches so that I can wear them in my sunhat or attach them to my tops.

I consider these lucky fish. I was going for an interview that for a position that I really wanted and I made a John Dory brooch that I wore to the interview. Not only did I get the position but a member of the panel ordered a brooch.

I intend to produce six or seven designs including barramundi, a seahorse, orcas and john dory, as well as the two (mangrove jack and orange roughie) produced to date and currently for sale on my website.

Upcoming Markets

Barrier Reef Glass Beads will be at Yungaburra Market this Saturday 24 June and at Tanks Art Centre Market in Cairns on Sunday 25 June. In July Barrier Reef Glass Beads will be at Carlyle Gardens Arts and Craft Market in Townsville on Saturday 1 July.


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