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My Kandinsky Collection

Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) is recognised as the first abstract painter. He is known for his use of circles, squares and lines in his works.

Kandinsky studied impressionism and was moved by Monet’s painting entitled Haystacks because of the impact of the colours used in the painting. He applied that learning in his future work.

Haystacks By Monet.

The Guggenhiem Museum in New York has the largest collection of Kandinsky paintings in the world – 150 works. I was visiting New York and was in Central Park when I saw the Guggenheim and decided to visit The visit to the Guggenheim was totally unplanned and I did not go specifically to look at the works of Kandinsky.

I had been aware of the paintings of Kandinsky having been taught about him in school art classes. But seeing the works in person brought a whole new perspective. Being up close to the works on a wall is nothing like seeing them in a book or online. I could even make out the specific brushstrokes in the works.

Kleine Welten 1. 1922. Kleine Welten III 1922.

I was struck by his use of colours as well as his use of shapes and lines. It was actually a life-changing experience as I resolved to use colour in my own art.

As a lampworker I set out to create a series of lampwork earrings and bracelets that pay homage to Kandinsky Most pieces use the striking circles and squares. But Kandinsky also used lines and a number of my pieces do the same.

Ivory Dots and Stripes Bracelet.

Black Kandinsky Earrings.

When I prepare these pieces, I am reminded of that wonderful day in the Guggenheim Museum looking at the amazing art of Kandinsky.

You can see more of my Kandinsky pieces here.


Sgraffito means scratched in Italian. The technique of scratching is used in various art forms including painting, ceramics and enameling with glass. However, it is more than simply scratching the powdered glass. It involves putting down a preliminary enamel then adding another layer and scratching the last layer to reveal the colours underneath. That means a bit of thought is desirable to ensure that the result is pleasing.

Sgraffito is actually an ancient technique but one that is relatively easy to learn and so is a process that I include in my beginners classes. It is a great way of producing contrasts in the jewellery.

Sgraffito is also another part of the enameling experience that I describe as magic. You can create something unexpected with some easy to learn techniques and you can really unleash your creativity to try new approaches.

See the full range of enameled pieces here.

Marmaduke the Cat.

Upcoming Markets

Barrier Reef Glass Beads will be at Yungaburra Market this Saturday 22 July and at Tanks Art Centre Market in Cairns on Sunday 30 July. I will also be at Renegade Handmade Markets on Sunday 30 July at the Queensland Country Bank Stadium in Townsville.

In August Barrier Reef Glass Beads will be at Carlyle Gardens Arts and Craft Market in Townsville on Saturday 5 August (their 11th birthday market).

New Venues Coming

I will be doing some pop up shops in August at Townsville shopping centres. The popups will occur on Saturdays alternating between Fairfield Central and Castletown Shopping Centres. I will be at Fairfield on 5 and 19 August and at Castletown on 12 and 26 August.



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